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Beaches in and around Naples

15 miles of beautiful white sand beach stretch across Naples parallel to the Gulf of Mexico. Some  beaches have received awards because it has mangroves, woods and white beaches altogether. Naples beaches have been distinguished by numerous American magazines and telecasts:

  • Travel channel in 2005: Naples is the best whole year beach of America

  • Condé Nast Traveler magazine February, 2006: Naples was chosen as one of 20 best beaches of America. 

  • Yahoo! Travel in 2003: Naples was chosen by a survey under the Top-Ten of the American beaches.

Every evening many people appear on the beaches to observe the sunset on the Gulf of Mexico, a unique scene!

In the south the Gordon Pass near Port Royal is the end of Naples Beach, in the north there is the Wiggins Pass at the frontier to Lee County. Only two more Canals, the Clam and the Doctors Pass prevent, that one can walk from the southern to the northern  end of Naples Beach. The beach is completely public, but there are some communities like Pelican Bay, where you can't reach the beach.

The beach parking is limited. Most of the beaches charge parking fees which enables them to protect wildlife and keep the beaches clean. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy or get a beach sticker.

These are the most important part of the beach starting from the southern end. You will find a description of parking possibilities and the facilities at the beaches.

Please be careful, when you are at the beach. Please take your sun lotion and look out for the stingrays