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Naples, Florida

Naples and its surroundings enclose an area that has shown to have a plethora of benefits which exemplify some of the highest numbers of vacationers in the United States. More and more Europeans are also discovering the advantages of Southwest Florida. An example of this would be the growing number of direct flights from Europe to Fort Myers.

Naples lies directly next to the Gulf of Mexico and has more than 15 miles of unique white sand beaches. Another area has preserved nature including mangroves, woods, and all aspects of nature from countless species of birds to turtles, dolphins and all different types of species that live in the sea, which can be easily spotted from beaches and canals.

The climate is able to suit anyone. In the winter, the day temperature rarely drops below 65 degrees. Also, the water temperature is rarely under 65 degrees. Because there is so much water around Florida the temperatures of the air don’t rise over 95 degrees. The landscape is very Caribbean with different types of palms, citrus trees, Bougainvillea, Oleander, and Benjamin trees adorn the gardens and the numerous public parks. Yet again, in other areas, landscape is unchanged and is full of natural life such as panthers, bears, alligators and tortoises. These animals can be viewed in nature reserves also.

Naples is a shopping paradise! All types and styles of shopping including boutiques, value stores, equipment stores, and gift stores. Seating opportunities are endless by canals or water fountains. Beside for expensive boutiques with American and international designer brands, one can find many opportunities to buy high-quality articles for bargain prices.

Hundreds of restaurants lure one in with excellent  foods in all international tastes and directions. Many bars have gulf or canal viewing seats. Numerous restaurants are award winning. There are always regular live appearances of regional artists which contribute to the Caribbean attitude of life. Most bars have happy hour earlier in the night.

Culturally, Naples has a lot to offer. Known stars are regulars here. Life is never boring between all the street art fairs and museums.

Naples is called the golf capital of the world: With nearly 100 golf courses, all sketched by well know architects, the area is sited in many publications. Many golf courses are located by the cypress woods which follow along water surfaces.

The town as a whole is immaculate. The landscape is always trimmed and cut to perfection. The staff at most stores and restaurants are very friendly and the service is great.

The town has experienced an unprecedented population growth during the last few years. One does not find compacted apartments like in Europe at all. Numerous brand new houses and apartments have beach access or are located right on the golf course. Naples is the place in which not only well–knows have a second residence, but also families from around the world. Naples provides a paradise to anyone who comes here. The population has doubled during the last 15 years which continues to grow everyday. In spite of the boom the traffic routes still flows.

Naples is also a good starting point for an excursion to many attractions in Florida. For example, all the amusement parks in Orlando, Tampa, and Cape Canaveral are just a skip and a hop away. But Naples is also close enough to Everglades or the Keys (home of the great writer Hemingway) and even close to an Indian reservation.